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  We understand you, the homeowner, wants nothing but the best for their 'castle' and, will accept nothing less than open two way communication, expert advice, and comfort in knowing the job will be done right and recommendations made with your best interests at heart. Any garage recommendations made by Conroe, or any of its representatives can be expected to be made with options to allow you, the home owner, the freedom to decide what is best for you with the knowledge.   repair garage door
Free estimate   We expanded to offer Siding, Roofing, Driveway, and other exterior remodeling services our customers were asking for, so we could more fully service our customers and help them achieve their vision of beautifully remodeled home. Each contractor and supplier involved in this project volunteered their time and materials to make this family's dream come true. Conroe, Inc. raised the garage doors and garage door openers, provided by Conroe, Inc. in partnership with Amarr Garage Doors, in record time to help meet the 7 day new home construction goal. our focus has always been to you, the individual home owner, to your specific needs on a one on one basis.   Fix Garage Door Spring
        Our Service Area   We look forward to giving back even more. Conroe is involved in several renovations which will provide affordable housing in Conroe and the surrounding suburbs, and we look forward to continuing in this endeavor until the housing market can recover and the economy is stabilized. Conroe has made a commitment to ensure your experience is the best it can be, whether it be for a garage or garage opener that needs repair.  
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